"I have 5 Hipzbags of different colors and fabrics and use them all of the time! Just like the gal said on the show - I too was "too cool" to use a fanny pack - however this purse is perfect and hip! My daughers and I use them when going to the mall and just hanging out around town. It's also perfect when going to an amusement park or on a cruise. It has the perfect amount of space to fit all those bare essentials a girl needs without having to carry a clunky purse. Kudos to the creator for this fabulous item!" CHRIS

"I don't know how I managed before the Hipzbag! As a mom with two toddlers, I'm always hunting for my cell phone and car keys in the bottom of my purse. This is truly a way to remain "hands-free" and keep all your essentials - phone, keys, cash, credit cards - close. And totally fashionable to boot! It's made of "leather-like" material, but I honestly can't tell the difference between this and "real" leather.
Everywhere I go, women ask where they can find one for themselves.
I've also found that it's PERFECT for a day at the amusement park and places where you don't want to have to lug a purse around.
I'm a huge fan of this ingenious product. So much cooler than the fanny pack that was so popular when I was a kid!" JODY

"My Mom bought this for me as a gift! It is so AWESOME! It it not intended to be a purse, but will hold the important essentials you need from your purse. Its definitely more hip than a fannie pack. It holds my phone with ease. I have an adroid phone, not real small, but slim. It holds my car & house keys, my credit cards, drivers lisc,, gum and cash! That works so nicely when Im running in and out of the stores. I can keep it out or even hide it under my jacket! The color and quality is great! I like to clip it on my belt loops when wearing jeans. Otherwise, the strap is long enough to wear around my waist nicely. My Mom and sister have one as well! I need one in every color to match all my outfits!! Highly recommend!" Hipz Customer

"This is the best gift I bought for myself as well as my family! I wear this latched onto my blue jeans. When I dont have beltloops, I do wear the strap! Very easy to use! Hands free, Love it!! This is alot classier than the original fannie bag! I love the colors! Very functional.. I put my phone, keys, lisc, credit cards, gum, cash and even a chap stick in this bag. Again hands free, unlike a purse. I didnt like how I always pull my purse strap up repeatedly... not to mention hold it close to me and try to remember to close all the zippers so its not accessible to anyone else. With this beautiful bag, its close by, doesnt slide off me and keeps things neat and organized. I love this when Im on the go and definitely dont have room for a purse!! Would highly recommend this bag! Teenagers should love this.. no more phone in the pocket! And very stylish! LOVE IT!!! KIM

"I received this hipzbag as a gift and I just love it!! The faux leather looks just like real leather. The waist strap was easy to adjust and attached right to the clips on the bag. I've used the bag with my IPhone in the outside pocket and I've also walked with my IPod in the outside pocket; and they both fit nicely in that pocket. Then I still had enough room for my credit cards, I.D., money, car keys, and lipstick in the zippered pocket. Just the essentials I need when I don't want to carry my purse around. I used the hipzbag when I walked my dog, when I exercised and when I went to watch my son's basketball game. I don't always want to carry a big purse around and this was just perfect for the necessary items that I needed for those outings. The hipzbag was also very stylish!! Loved this bag!!" TANYA

"Got this for Christmas it is the best bag ever. When you go into the city on the train you feel safer than having a bulky purse. It is quite roomy. Can't wait to get a white one for summer. Thanks for a great bag. would give it more than five stars." SUGAR

"This is ingenious. I wanted something to wear to the grocery store since I was fearful of having my purse stolen while at the store. This holds my phone,credit cards, money and keys and lipstick. I was also constantly dropping my phone and keys so this keeps everything all secure in one place. LOVE IT! Will be buying more colors and wearing it to more places b/c it's too cute!" BARGAINHUNTER

"The Hipzbag is the best ever. I am one who does not like to carry a purse and I put everything into pockets. The Hipzbag has allowed me to carry everything I need including my cell phone which is handy to grab at any given moment. I wear it every day whether out for a walk, shopping or at work. My hands are always free and it is light and comfortable. Another great feature is safety. No one can grab it or even see it when you are out and about. I gave one as a gift and she was so excited. This is the most functional and thought out product around." HUMPHREY

"The Hipzbag has given me freedom! It is so pleasant to shop without a heavy shoulderbag. Leaving the grocery cart momentarily, sans purse, to grab a carton of eggs makes shopping convenient. Attending my children's sporting events and LSU football games wearing a Hipzbag is the way to go. I am able to wear the appropriate team color for each game with the selection of Hipzbags available (go Tigers, Eagles and Warriors!). All personal items are clipped on my belt loops within easy reach. No need to deal with a purse soaked in soda, and studded with gum and popcorn, courtesy of your bleacher seat. I love it!!" GARNET


"Now the owner of 7 Hipzbags. Intended to share with friends but need them all. Met friends Weds at coffee. Table of 6 women wanted to know where i found the great belt. Gave info. Wore square brown bag (my favorite) with brown boots, long gray cashmere sweater & leggins. Great accessory, convenient purse. Need my hands to talk (I'm Italian) Love my friends but they'll have to get their own."

"This is a great little bag and all I need- I love it! If you are carrying more than what fits in this bag, you're carrying too much! It's stylish, active and eye-catching. The only thing I had to get used to was those times when I forgot that I wasn't lugging around my heavy bag anymore and started to panick thinking I'd left my purse somewhere. Carrying around a big handbag- is old hat! I've got too much goin' on at a fast pace and I need to be hands-free. I'm pleased to have one less thing to worry about and I spend much less time digging to find stuff in my old cavernous bag. Easy, breezy and Hipzbag (Yay!)" RUTH

"Really do love this . I like to wear around the house as recently fell in the garage and did happen to have my cell on me but will never go without cell on me again. That is why I love this bag as well as for shopping and walking. Have trouble getting my keys in it but otherwise cards money, etc plus cell works great. I don't have pants with loops on them so always wear the belt and I really don't like belts but this is quite comfortable and adjusts easily. Plus this is really cute and wish we had more colors and that it would come in real leather as I am not sure how long the belt strap will last." MOPED

"I am a student so I attend a ton of sporting events and this bag is perfect! When I need more room for books and such I will still carry a large purse with it, but it is great to have my cell phone so close to me! You can keep everything you absolutely need in it and still have room so that it doesn't look bulky. If you're keeping more in it, you're probably keeping too much..." KAYLA

"Our cells phones have become a necessity to have with us day and night. I was tired of digging in my purse or putting my cell in my back pocket if I had one that day. I ended up just carrying it around in my hand most days. I even left my phone on the top of a grocery cart and drove off. So, when I saw this I knew it would work for me. It is functional and has enough room for the necessities. For all that other stuff in your purse that you think you can't live without - get a cosmetic bag and keep it in the car, just in case you need it.
I don't know what makes this so different from having a phone case that you wear on your belt. Most importantly, I am hands free and my shoulder no longer hurts from a heavy purse. Finally, I am not wrestling with my purse anymore. FREEDOM! Give it a try, you won't be sorry."

"I ordered this for my daughter who is in her 20's and she loves it for going out instead of carrying a purse and taking the chance of losing it. It's the perfect size for a lipstick, id, cash, credit card, and phone." JOY


"I work in a fitness center as a trainer. It is just perfect for my cell phone and a few cards and essentials. I agree the strap could be a little longer, but it is the best item of its size that I have found. I would like to see it in some fashion colors. I have purchased 2 as gifts and they were a big hit."

"The Hipzbag is a great little invention! Perfect for use when attending outdoor functions when I want to be handsfree and only need lip gloss, ID, a little cash, a credit card, and my cellphone. When using the strap as a crossbody, it could be slightly longer but not a big deal for me because I don't usually wear it that way. Great quality and overall pleased with this purchase!" JANET

"I used it everytime i had a dr. appt. & 4 p.t. I can't carry anything on my shoulder or around my neck. Had back surgery & it hard 2 find something small enough just 2 carry my id.,licence,medical card,cash,cellphone without putting everything in my pant & jacket pocket. Some so call pouchs u c in stores r not what they say they r there never have enough room to narrow 2 put your hand into it. This pouch it just the right size everything u need 2 keep protected & right where u can get to it. I just order 2 more 4 my daughters,she had her wallet taken out of her baby diaper bag while putting her daughter in her carrier at the clinic. My other daughter can't carry a bag around her work place. This is the right size 2 carry & had her id. on hand going from courtrooms & chamber. Thank u QVC 4 always finding the right items 4 everybody." ANGLES

"Never leave home without this!!! It keeps my money an cards close by love this make more colors!!!! excellent price too." SHELLI

"I love this bag. It was just what I needed.. I go out into the garden and end up losing my cell somewhere in the grass or whatever. I also have patients who have nerve damage and they love it too. Easy to get on and off, Ease of use for them is life changing. We also like the extra pocket for keys, money etc. Thanks for the great invention." KATIE