Hipzbag Story

Computer Nerd by trade, Hipzbag - Funktional Fashion all began with the love I have for my cell phone.

After continually misplacing my phone, fumbling in my purse for it, calling it from other phones to find it, I found myself walking around with my phone in my hand as if it was another appendage I wished was attached to me. This worked as long as I only needed one hand, and well after a while I got tired of holding it.

I tried putting my phone in my pocket- that was quite uncomfortable and it had the knicks to show its life of falling to ground frequently. Once it even fell into the toilet.

I got so desperate, I almost bought a fanny pack, but then I remembered that I am just to hip for that.

I decided that something needed to be created for this new shift in our world- our cell phones and our attachment to them.

My need to be hip and my love for my cellphone started me on this path to the creation of the hipzbag. We spent 8 months in production to make what we think is the perfect look while being unbelievably functional. I put my hipzbag on when I wake up and don’t take it off until I go to bed. I carry my essentials in my hipzbag and find and I have realized I only need a purse on major trips, but even then I wear both.

I knew we were on to something when my daughters’ teenage friends finally said to me, "Where can we buy those hip bags? We would love one!"

No more feeling frustrated about missing calls/texts or losing my phone. It is now on my hip on vibrate and when I get a call or text I can actually feel it vibrate so I know that I am getting a call. Keep your friends close and try one!