Fringe Benefits - 103
Fringe Front
Fringe Benefits - 103
Fringe Back
Fringe Benefits - 103
Fringe Benefits - 103

Fringe Benefits - 103


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  • Made of Faux Suede.   5.5" x 5.5"  Bag + adjustable strap extends up to 55"
  • Wear 2 ways:
    • Clip onto your belt loops using swivel hooks
    • Wear around your waist with matching adjustable waist strap.
  • Cell phone Pocket in the back 
    • Cell phone slips into back pocket for ease of retrieval and putting back
    • no more losing or dropping your phone or missing those calls
  • Zippered Compartment
    • Holds essentials (cash, credit cards, id + more) 
    • 4 credit card slots inside
    • 2 lipstick holders
    • small pocket inside to hold a couple of credit cards or cash
    • This bag will hold a passport, camera and a lot more.
    • Security for your personal items as they are attached to your body

  • Keep the heavy purse at home - no more back pain, plus now your hands are free to do other things!
  • GREAT FOR:  traveling, sporting events, walking, working out, shopping, hiking, concerts or a night on the town
  • GREAT FOR:  students, moms, business people, active people...cellphone lovers... everyday for ages 9 to 109

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When Function meets Fashion.. Hipzbag